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Welcome to SaltWater FISHING!  This site is currently under development by businesspeople and true fishing enthusiasts.  (Please check the "staff fishing" section to see examples).  Our purpose is primarily to represent fishing tackle companies and fishing-related companies on the Internet and to provide company and product information and sales of their products.  We will know and use the products, recommend products at you request, stand behind the products and we will be competitive in pricing.  We will also provide fishing information on the local northeast fishing waters.    

If you are a fishing tackle company, consider Salt Water FISHING! to provide web pages for your products and a means for sale and distribution of your products.  Contact us and we'll setup a web page and domain for you at no cost to you.  We will also provide you with e-mail addresses that will forward your mail to any e-mail address you now have--also at no cost.  We will contact handle inquiries and sales customers over the internet and provide the products at pricing levels commensurate with their buying power (whether distributor, wholesale or retail) at competitive prices.

We attend various fishing trade shows scouting for new companies and products (recently at ChinaFish in Beijing, China and the American Sportsfishing Association ICAST 1999 show in Chicago.).  If we believe in the product, we will actively promote the products on the Internet and we will provide information and pricing to potential customers.  We will also actively market your products. 

Salt Water FISHING's Ever Pretty EVA Bait ("Minnow Container") Bucket wins Best of Category and 1st Runner-up of all products at the American Sportsfishing Association (ASA) Show in Chicago, July 9-11, 1999!   See the Ever Pretty web page for more info.
FLASH!  Salt Water FISHING! and ChinaFish have recently formed a joint venture company:  SinoFish to market Chinese fishing products to the North America and the world.   Please visit SinoFish if your company is based in China or Taiwan and you are looking to market your products to North America.   Either SinoFish or Salt Water FISHING! can represent Japanese or Korean companies.

We are providing this service for some manufacturers products.    Companies already included at this time are: 
Sun-Woo Fly rods, San-Fu Rod Components, Protako Telescoping Surf Casting Rods, Ample Ocean big game and trolling rods, Osama fishing tackle, EverPretty EVA bags, Poleco fishing tackle products, Fentress Marine, Boly Fishing, Horn Kuen, Fico fishing tackle, Banax fishing tackle, Tica USA (EverWinner or DiJia), with more companies including Marudaka, Da-Ray, Sasame, OceanSmart, DongTan, Polarich, Sea-Hawk, Yazhida and others underway.

Additional to representing your company and helping sell your products, we are working to become a resource of information for you, the fisherman (and fisherwomen) and the fishing-related businesses.   For example, we are compiling an extensive fishing links page and we've provided local Loran/GPS numbers for great fishing sites and wrecks near our offices.  We will also setup mailing lists to communicate new offers or new products and will be working to produce a catalog of all the products by manufacturer.

In summary, consider SaltWater FISHING! as your portal for many fishing tackle and related industry companies.   If you have suggestions for our web site, please contact the webmaster and let us know your thoughts.

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